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Internacionalni postupci oko djece

Iza cega stojimo?

Mediation about return of abducted children, on cross-border conflicts concerning rights of access and rights of custody, and on cross-border placements of children

The growing number of marriages and co-habitation with partners of different nationalities has led to increase in disputes over the rights of custody for children from such relationships. The inclination of parents to leave the country of the joint habitual residence with their child in common without the necessary regulation of the rights of custody and without authority after the separation from the other parent has increased considerably.

Kako radimo?

Especially in family cases the possibility of parents trying to find a solution for their conflict with professional assistance by way of a family mediation should be considered.

A binational co-mediation, which is carried out jointly by two mediators together, would be especially appropriate where this could help to better guarantee the neutrality or the understanding for the concerns of both parents. In addition, we cooperate with specialized lawyers in many countries in order to secure the legal framework.

Što radimo?

All this happens in close co-ordination with the Federal Office of Justice which in turn liaises directly with the competent court in order to ensure that no undue delay is caused by mediation and that the results achieved can be incorporated directly into the court order where appropriate.

Like this they are later enforceable and can be implemented by coercive measures if one party does not comply with the agreement achieved.

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