e-Mediation / online mediation



'eMediation' is the use of general (that is, for example, telephone, fax, video conferencing, PC, projector ...) unspecified limited electronic technology.

'Online mediation' is limited compared to the 'e-mediation' on use of Internet technologies, similar to the common usage of the attribute ie 'online' to these technologies is limited (for example, e-mail, forums, chat, etc., all technically seen the Internet protocol IP use).

'eMediation' is now an umbrella term that includes 'online mediation' as a special area with.

( Ing. Leon Pogrzebacz ,
head of the group 's mediation'
of the Experts Group business mediation of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce )


Computer software for mediation


Software for Mediation

The genogram in systemic personality analysis (SPA)

The systemic personality analysis (SPA) describes the structure and contents of a single personality. She has to explore the potential personality of a person so and represent that the individuality of their actions on the person himself and for the analyst to handle his job is evident the purpose. The SPA can be part of the educational process, psychological counseling, therapeutic intervention or any exploration of personal resources below a certain question.

The SPA is the product of collaboration between two independent individuals in the roles of the expert and the client.

Software to try out:

Shareware program GENOFREE
GenogrammMaker Millenium - demo and more information


Software for Mediation

The Knowledge Tools ® from Prof.Stephan Breidenbach

Ein Bildschirm des Softwarepakets 'Knowledgetools' ® - Link zur HomepageProf.Stephan Breidenbach : make His idea, rule-based knowledge manageable through visualization will be implemented in this software package. Information is structured by grouping them around a goal of action.

Intuitively easy to understand, visual grammar generates the connection between the information items. This creates clarity and transparency even with considerable amounts of information.

Complex issues can be resolved quickly and safely. 

Software for Mediation

MedITeasy - IT support in mediation

Logo von mediteasy - EIn Tool zur EDV-Unterstützung in der MediationMedITeasy was part of the diploma thesis at the HTBLA Leonding / EDVO by the two students Stefan Damm and Patrick Wahl. They had the registered mediator and emeritus lawyer Dr. med. Theodor J. Schütz aside.


Software for mediation

negPOINT - The Negoatiating Tool

Logo von negPOINT - Link zum eVerhandlungstoolThrough a procedure of the University of Vienna developed especially for negPOINT, it is possible for the first time to fully exploit these optimization potentials with the module e-learning, to successfully complete 95% of all conducted negotiations and at the same time to increase the value of the achieved results by 3-5%.
[more about eNegotation by negPOINT]

Software for mediation

dito - Dokumentation Instrument for komplex diskussions

Logo von dito - Dokumentationsinstrument für komplexe Diskussionen - Link zur Homepage des Produkts dito is a system of the Fraunhofer Institute 'Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems' to support complex discussions with the following functions:

Logo des Fraunhofer Instituts 'Intelligente Analyse- und Informationssysteme'


Software for mediation


Zusammenfassende Mind-Map über diesen Artikel

Mind Maps included to edit, central theme in the middle of the sheet. It is precisely as possible formulated and / or displayed as an image. Outwardly various main branches (main section) are connected to further sub-branches (sub-chapter), the associated information representing ranking requirements. Always just a key word on the branches. When creating colors and images can be used to creative functioning of the brain to do justice and to the Mind Map to read faster and look to.

Logo von FreeMind - einer Open Source Mindmap-Software - Link zum Blog

Formally, there are mind maps from labeled tree diagrams (possibly with additional notes). If the terms can be complex interconnected, it is called a rule of conceptual maps ( conceptual maps ), semantic networks or ontologies , with which all the Mind Map is closely related. The latter, in contrast to mind maps , a defined semantics , i. H. the relationships shown with lines and arrows between individual concepts have a defined meaning. Screen of Personal Brain ® - another open source mind mapping software - link to homepage

( From Wikipedia, 'mind maps')
[Link to Freemind Wiki with Download]



Literature on e-Mediation


CyberCourt - New ways of jurisprudence

Photo by Attorney Dieter W. Lüer, spokesman of cyber CourtRA Dieter W. Lüer, spokesman of cyber Court and CEO of gwmk started with Cyber Court in the spring of 2000, a pilot project that will test the use of the Internet in the handling of disputes by arbitration and alternative methods of conflict resolution.



Ute Hargassner to 'cyber court': Chat instead litigate

Already with many references and quotations Ute Hargassener describes in 2000 (!) The world that brings the Internet into our means of dispute settlement.

David Johnson Director of the American Institute Cyberlaw:
'Most professional arbiters probably feel that the intense atmosphere of a personal encounter across the screen can not be achieved, and that it is therefore futile to try to resolve a conflict online. Connoisseurs of the Internet see this more optimistic. You understand that the screen can be used in two ways:. For the reasonable assessment of conflicting viewpoints and basically also for the transmission of emotion, the estimation of credibility and restoring improved relations'



Titelblatt vom Buch Wirtschaftsmediation zwischen Theorie und Praxis
Peter Adler,
e-mediation - Können wir uns die MediatorIn einsparen? (Can we get rid of the mediator?)
Contents of the book
book chapter by Peter Adler download

Titelblatt des Buchs 'Transparenz von Recht durch knowledgeTools' von Stephan Breidenbach - Link zum .pdf-DownloadProf. Dr. Stephan Breidenbach,
transparency of law by knowledgeTools

vividly describes the use of software for the conflict resolution process - and the theory behind it.

The article was published in 'Insurance Studies - Volume 24' (ed.) Basedow / Meyer / Rückle / Schwintowski, Baden-Baden in 2003, and can be downloaded free of charge.

Fraunhofer Institut Autonome Intelligente Systeme (AIS) in Zusammenarbeit mit Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (WZB):

New leeway through new technologies:The new information and communication technologies (ICT) is the scope for design of mediation and its derivatives expanded.  

The spread of the Internet allows new forms of communication that should use moderators and mediators strategically.


Titelblatt des Buches 'Online Mediation' - Link zur KurzfassungOnline Mediation: Mediation in conflicts in a new look - an introduction Oliver Märker and Matthias Trénel - profound knowledge of the matter - are concerned with systematic description of matter:



Conflicts through electronic media

Q-mail Communication & Conflict Email

Logo der Berner Fachschule Wirtschaft und Verwaltung - Link zur Projektbeschreibung 'Q-Mail-Kommunikation & Konflikt per E-Mail

Q-mail communication and conflict by e-mail : The goal of the project is the study of conflicts in connection with the e-mail medium. There is reason to believe that conflicts differently, serious develop from the use of this medium, or by the first place. Thus, companies increase their efficiency through better management of this problem.

Busiquette: correct behavior in business in the digital world, derived from netiquette.


Examples of e-Mediation

Beispiele für e-Mediation

Online mediation of the Turin Chamber of Commerce / Chamber Of Commerce Of Turin On Line Mediation

Logo der Turiner Handelskammer - Link zur Seite mit Online-MediationThe Turin Chamber of Commerce has a new online Servie : This service makes it possible to resolve disputes between companies or businesses and consumers to find a quick and inexpensive solution. The service is based on the principles of mediation and is in a non-adversarial process in which it is possible to work in good and satisfactory solutions. The core of the process is the mediation where the parties by a neutral third person who is trained for the mediation meet. This helps them in finding a solution. The outcome of the case is a new agreement.

How does that go?
All steps of the process, from application to final agreement, to run over the Internet. The mediation will take place in a virtual space, a reserved area of ​​the site, accessible through a password and on the basis of an audio-visual Web Conference. Only parties who / intermediaries and the Secretariat have access to this area, so that the confidentiality of the process is guaranteed.

Chamber of Commerce Torino (Torino) / PIEDMONT ARBITRATION CHAMBER

Beispiele für e-Mediation

SquareTrade - Online Dispute Resolution for EBAY -Customers

Logo von Square Trade - Onlinemediation für EbayThe flow of online mediation at SquareTrade :

Step 1: Enter a new case
on the SquareTrade website is the beetle or seller eon Online to describe FORM the case, noted the problem and its possible resolutions.

Step 2: SquareTrade notify the other party.
An automatically generated email message is sent to the other party with instructions on what options are available for the other party. - The case and all of the answers are in a password-protected area.

Step 3: The parties discuss their issues in direct negotiations in writing.
After each party has made the problems consciously, they first try to come up with the automatic web-based communication tool to an agreement. This first phase of the service is currently free for all users.
The other possibility is that a mediator of Squaretrade routes execution. The parties may not be resolved by direct negotiations in case they may request the assistance of the mediator for a fair, mutually acceptable solution. The mediator has the task of promoting a positive, solution-oriented discussion between the parties. He or she is NOT working as a Judge. The mediator will only recommend a solution, if expressly requested by both parties.

Step 4: The case is solved.
The Parties shall take either währends of direct negotiations, a new solution or using a SquareTrade mediator. Over the online negotiation, SquareTrade buyers and sellers are support to restore confidence between the conflicting parties. By building the services related to these goals SquareTrade generates the necessary trust for online transactions for buyers and sellers.

Bild des Ablaufs der Square Trade - Onlinemediation - Vergrößern durch Klicken


Beispiele für e-Mediation

The Austrian Internet Ombudsman

Der Internet-Ombudsmann - Link zur Streitschlichtungs-HomepageThe Internet Ombudsman mediates between consumers and companies in transactions on e-commerce and trying to bring about an amicable solution for problems in the interest of all parties involved.

The extra-judicial dispute resolution in Internet Ombudsman is free. Registration of all participants on the site is required. After that an electronic record is created, which is open to the parties to the conflict at any time, they can check the status of the case processing at any time. All information is treated confidentially.

If a complaint against a company comes in, this gets an email with a personal link to regis animals themselves.

examples for eMediation

eMediation at the english certusmediation

eMediation - zwei Personen am Computer
The ability to resolve a dispute from the comfort of your desk is more and more feasible thanks to accessible software and competitively priced specially trained mediators.

Resolving disputes online is a relatively new concept and as specialist online dispute resolution (ODR) practitioners, CERTUSMEDIATION are at the forefront of this exciting field.

The benefits of resolving disputes online are considerable;

[Link to the homepage von certusmediation]


Examples from other consulting professions


andere Beispiele

psychohelp.at - the online platform of Christiane Turnheim.

Foto von Christiane Turnheim - Link zur HomepageThe visit to the virtual psychological practice of Mag.Christiane Turnheim can be done anytime and anonymous: No appointment, no Access Road, not a parking space. [more about the benefits]

There are two ways of contact: E-mail and chat. The emails will be charged per mail or a flat rate.

Mrs Mag.Turnheim lives in Lower Austria's wine district and teaches psychology at MassBay Community College (Massachusetts, USA).

other examples

Systemic Constellation Online - lpsCocoon

Bildschirm der Software für Systemische Aufstellung Online - lpsCocoonAn online statement with the symbol of stones LPScocoon is possible on almost any computer with Internet access. The interested client chooses from a licensed counselor or coach from the pool of consultants for its online lineup. With this he explains all the formal and substantive issues in advance of the consultation. During virtual installation consultant and client are online at the same time via telephone. Both see the same picture and every movement appear simultaneously on both screens. Mouse and keyboard all allow you to perform, as in a real statement with the Sybolsteinen. And even more: The client can experience a real first-person perspective and look 'through the eyes' of the selected figure its environment.
[more information at the homepage of lps Cocoon]