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Sources & Literature about IP-Conflictsolving

Munich Intellectual property Law Center
Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition
Credit for the MIPLC's seed idea is due to Professor Schricker, the former Director of the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law (now MPI for Innovation and Competition). From this seed idea grew the plan to establish an international top-quality LL.M. program to teach IP law to a diverse student body. The implementation of this plan was tackled by Professor Joseph Straus, one of Professor Schricker's successors as Director of the Max Planck Institute, and the Max Planck Society, especially its then-Secretary General Dr. Barbara Bludau.

Patents and antitrust law

"The relationship between patent law and antitrust law has challenged legal minds since the emergence of antitrust law in the late 19th century. In reductionist form, the two concepts pose a natural contradiction: One encourages monopoly while the other restricts it. "

"... patent law and antitrust law often use the same concepts and terminology with differing meanings and contexts. In other words, it may appear that they are talking about the same things, and yet, they are not. "

(Robin Feldman, Professor; Director, Law & Bioscience Project, U.C. Hastings College of the Law)
The Patent-Antitrust Interface: Are There Any No-No’s Today?
William D. Coston
"Antitrust law and patent law are legal tectonic plates – always in motion, occasionally converging, occasionally diverging, and occasionally moving in parallel relation. As patent suits have recently multiplied, the antitrust enforcement policies have again responded – for example, imposing pro-competition rules on patent case settlements, on abuses in standard setting situations, and on practices used to obtain patents in the first instance. ..."
Antitrust and Patent Law

Alan Devlin

  • The only practitioner text to explore the intersection of competition and intellectual property laws from the perspective of the world's two largest and most influential antitrust regimes, the US and EU.
  • Comprehensive and rigorous account of each material issue in the antitrust-patent realm.
  • Provides readers with a thorough understanding of contemporary doctrine in competition and patent law, contextualised through clear explanation of relevant economic principles



BASHAR H. MALKAWI (Associate Professor of Law at the University of Sharjah, U.A.E.

"Before the rise of Islam there was no formal judicial system in the Arab World.' Disputes which arose between the members of a tribe were customarily settled by referring the disputes to the leader of the tribe.2 In resolving disputes, the leader always resorted to amicable means, including mediation. The leader endeavored to reach a solution of a particular dispute in such a way as to maintain solidarity among his people on the one hand and to maintain his honorable position on the other. ..."

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Conference on Intellectual Property Conflicts in Vienna

Philipp Groz, Peter Adler, David PerkinsOn 2.3.2018 there was a high-profile panel in Vienna: Prof. Peter Picht (University of Zurich), Philipp Groz (Schellenberg Wittmer), Sam Granata (Court of Appeal Antwerp), David Perkins (WIPO Arbitrator and Mediator), Prof. Jacques de Werra (University of Geneva), Christian Loyau ( ETSI), Alesch Staehelin (IBM) and Claudia Tapia (Ericsson).


Consultation on Collective Redress - European Parliament
On 21 February 2018, the Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) of the EU Parliament held a hearing on collective redress mechanisms; Topics: lawyer's success fees, out-of-court dispute resolution procedures such as mediation, forum shopping.

​​ SOLDAN Moot in Hannover
On the 13th and 14th of October 2017 the SOLDAN Moot took place in Hannover.
Peter Adler was invited as a juror


Victor Schachter in Zagreb in front of Croatian lawyers ...


Adler Mediation Offices with 2 Experts at the VIAC CDRC Mediation Moot

Seventy professionals from more than 25 jurisdictions around the world brought their experience and expertise to their work, experts from governments, law firms, colleges and universities, mediation institutions and training companies.

Foto Dr. Peter Adler
Dr. Peter Adler

International Business Mediator
Vienna/Wien/Becs, Graz/Gradec, Zagreb

1190 Wien, Billrothstr. 86/2
mobile +43-676-3 699 699

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